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About Us

Who We Are

Jilbaab is a modest-wear brand that caters to the needs of women from all walks of life. From casual and formal Abayas to Turkish coats and scarves, we have something for everyone. Jilbaab aims to help you navigate your modest fashion choices by providing you with products for every occasion be it weddings, meetings, or even grocery shopping. We want you to feel great and look confident while choosing to cover yourself.

Team Jilbaab is always here to support you!

The Jibaab Story

How It All Started

In 2014, armed with not more than a few ideas, Saira Lakho, our founder, set out to design Abayas for her young daughter who wanted to look modest yet elegant.

What began as a simple home-based venture to cater to the needs of her teenage daughter, turned out to capture a vast market of women from all ages and walks of life. The unique and enthralling designs that Saira created grabbed everyone’s attention in no time.

With the support of her family, friends, and loved ones, Jilbaab held its first exhibition in 2014 and was a sold-out event. Our founder’s hard work and dedication paid off and there was no stopping now. From an exhibition of 30 abayas to hosting exhibitions of up to 300 extraordinary designs, Jilbaab grew to become a recognized brand.

Jilbaab's team has taken leaps after leaps towards success and gained appreciation and love from people becoming a favorite in modest clothing.

Team Introductions

Meet Our Founder

The brains behind JILBAAB!

Saira Lakho, a loving wife, and a caring mum to her three children the founder of 'JILBAAB'. Not only is she the designer, but is involved in the process of outsourcing cloth, dealing with vendors, and product checking. From the start to the finish, our founder’s involvement in all the processes of the business allows JILBAAB to deliver products of the utmost quality. Saira’s designs are inspired by her travels to various countries such as Qatar and Turkey and her experience of living in the Middle East for over 12 years. Saira is a perfectionist at heart, and this aids in her bringing to you her best. With her love for creativity and the passion to cater to women’s modest needs, we are sure that she will continue to win hearts.

Meet Our Co-Founder

Hira Zubair is our founder’s eldest daughter, her biggest supporter, and an active team member of the JILBAAB family.

Hira, the brains behind the inspiration of design and craft, assists in designing Abayas and selecting cloth. She is a home-schooling mother of two little girls and a freelance content writer. Committed to coming up with unique designs to serve young girls and women, she takes part in the designing of collections launched by JILBAAB at their exhibitions. With her love of styling and fashion, she is always seen at Exhibitions guiding women regarding color and style choices

Meet Our Co-Founder

Sidra Zubair is the younger daughter of our founder who is also known as the team’s tech-guru. With her bachelor’s in computer sciences, she manages to supervise all activities such as social media content and strategy. She even developed the first version of the JILBAAB's website, single-handedly!

From handling the photoshoots to planning our courier strategies, she has taken and has beautifully managed to upgrade Jilbaab from a home business to an international brand that delivers all over the world.

Together, we make a great team!

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