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Fabric Guide

This is the ultimate guide for fabric types- everything you need to know about fabric quality, its characteristics and care.

At JILBAAB, we whole-heartedly value our customer. We want to be transparent with you when it comes to the types of fabrics we use for our beautiful Abayas and sophisticated coats.

Below are our top-used fabrics, we hope this guide is of help to you.


This is a beautiful fabric, and most commonly used here at JILBAAB. It is denser than chiffon and flows just like Nada. A beautiful fabric which is used in our Everyday collections, and even for our Evening wear pieces. It is not transparent, doesn’t require constant ironing and drapes so beautifully around the body.

We use mainly 2 types of Georgettes:

Korean Georgette

Non See-through | Stain Resistant | Matte, Cotton-like Feel | Breathable | All Season Wear

Some products in Korean Georgette are linked below:

Classic Outer Draped with Inner (Camel)
Regular price 12,500.00 PKR
Classic Outer Draped with Inner (Bottle Green)
Regular price 12,500.00 PKR
Classic Outer Draped with Inner (Deep Purple)
Regular price 13,500.00 PKR
Classic Outer Draped with Inner (Teal Blue)
Regular price 12,500.00 PKR

Double Georgette

Soft and Breathable | Comfortable | All Season Wear

Some products in Double Georgette are linked below:

Butterfly Poncho Abaya (Beige)
Regular price 7,800.00 PKR
Color Blocked
Regular price 8,500.00 PKR
Flare Sleeved Abaya (Navy Blue)
Regular price 8,000.00 PKR
Classic Pleated Abaya (Light Pink)
Regular price 8,400.00 PKR

Premium Nada

One of our most loved fabrics, and the talk of the town. This fabric looks elegant and expensive because of its flow, high quality and the way it drapes around your body. Its ability to retain its color and quality overtime makes your old Abayas look like you just bought them! Perfect for all seasons.

Pure Chiffon

Our favorite fabric to use for all our formal collections. Pure chiffon is soft, lightweight and looks elegant, because it doesn’t cling to one’s body. Because it is transparent, we always make it with a matching lining. Our formal collection Ponchos are products that speak of the quality and elegance of this fabric. This fabric requires some extra love and care like most of our formal clothes do, so that it keeps looking like its new.

Note: We only use Pure Chiffon in our Abayas and scarves.


A luxurious and beautiful fine quality material, a miraculous creation of silkworms. This fabric is used for our formal collection, mostly for our silk linings used for our Formal Ponchos. It drapes so perfectly and is perfect for all seasons.

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